We call ourselves It’s About You Financial Solutions because the greatest failure in financial planning is not making it about what you REALLY want. Let’s assist as many people as we can to have that great feeling of having “one less worry” and starting on the road to financial freedom.


A long time ago when we first started in the business we bought our first insurance policies out of love. Sounds odd but it is the truth and when people become your clients it is out of love for their loved ones.  When we bought those policies something happened. First, we felt the relief that we were protecting the ones we loved and secondly we had “one less worry” financially.  It made us feel great! So, all we want to do is duplicate that feeling for all of our new clients.  One of the reasons we focus on the millennial market is that they are unaware of the “good feeling” benefits of having some of these basic financial needs taken care of. 

What are you looking for?

Are YOU looking for a profitable business model with lots of marketing, sales and operational support?


Are YOU already a successful business person who would like to add another income source from a lucrative business sector, or simply someone who would like to utilize their entrepreneurial skills and develop a successful business?


What WE do.


WE are expanding our tried and true financial planning format into other areas of BC.


WE offer a full service financial planning franchise opportunity for the under served millennial market.


WE will take you step by step through the process and for all intents and purposes become your silent partner assisting you and your team with the day to day business operations including recruiting, training and mentoring.


WE provided an intensive training program and a day to day General Manager for your business


WE would love to talk to you more about how this business could change your life forever in such a positive way.


WE know that they are not getting the help they need to succeed from other financial services organizations like banks and credit unions.  Our success has been in building upon the traditional insurance distribution model and adding some very important updated prospecting, product bundling, and presentation strategies that appeals to a broad range of technically savvy individuals including, but not limited to, millennials.  

Business Opportunity


We are a financial solutions organization that invigorates, unifies, and passionately supports our communities.

Take advantage of our years of experience assisting everyday people

reach their financial goals.

We have developed simple strategies for our clients that work. 

Contact us via email or text and we will get right back to you to set up a time to chat.


Tel: 604.818.3699


by appointment only

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